We’re pretty big Wilco fans, and not just because they’re an incredibly prolific rock ‘n’ roll icon of a band that we get to work with on a regular basis creating screen printed posters for their shows. But because these guys truly are the real deal. All the way down through management, I cannot say enough good about them. From donating merch sales to charity to offering their new, unexpected album “Star Wars” as a free gift. Wilco has massive amounts of respect for the music they make and also for their fans. We are super honored and excited to announce Beyond The Fleeting Moment, a limited-edition, 224-page hardcover Wilco poster book that includes seven Florafauna posters. Also, the collection was curated by mister Jeff Tweedy himself!


The challenge that comes along with creating an image that becomes an “icon of the memory of the experience of a concert” is something we’ve always embraced. Add to that the challenge of designing something that fans will want to display on the walls of their homes for years to come, and you’ve got one tall order. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Wilco for nearly ten years now. These are more than just posters that advertise an event. They’re a visual extension of the music. They are cultural artifacts.


The book features 200+ concert posters from more than 50 designers reprinted on heavyweight paper and richly reproduced to accurately reflect each poster’s original detail. Beyond The Fleeting Moment also features a foreword by designer Lawrence Azerrad of LADesign. The book is available over at Wilco’s website. Go get one!